Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Performance Preview

I'm crossing my fingers that I can get out of work early tomorrow and go see the Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage. (Side note- if you don't already know, the Millennium Stage has a FREE performance every night of the year. Check it out!)

According to their website, Blue Eyed Soul (@BESdance) is an inclusive dance company with disabled and non-disabled artists of all ages. "The Company aims to create a level playing field where people can step over their threshold of perceived possibility."

The videos of Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company's work are really touching and I think they are important for everyone to see. Dance is not only good exercise. It's an outlet for emotional release and artistic expression.

A passion for dance should not be limited to non-disabled persons. It's refreshing to see that companies like Blue Eyed Soul understand the therapeutic nature of the art and encourage all to get involved.

Tomorrow's performance is part of the 2010 International VSA Festival and begins at 6pm. Can't make it? The video will also be broadcast live and archived on the Millennium Stage website.

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